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Circle of Three

Lizzie McGuire: The First Time

Fandom: Lizzie McGuire
Title: The First Time
Pairing: Lizzie/Gordo
Summary: Lizzie, now sixteen, has decided to take the next step in her relationship with Gordo. So she decides to seduce him. Two parts.
Rating: PG-13, though the next chapter may border on R.

o O o O o O o O o

The moment the last bell of the day rang, Lizzie ran to Miranda's locker.

She'd been thinking for awhile, and she needed her best friend's help with something she'd been thinking about for awhile. All day, Lizzie hadn't been able to think about anything else. In every class she had with Gordo, she felt her face burning up. If he only knew what she was thinking about for the coming weekend. And it had to be this weekend. Lizzie's parents were going out of town for the whole weekend, and, well, she was ready. She would had to get rid of Matt, but that probably wouldn't be a problem. He'd be out with his friends for awhile.

There would be plenty of time to have sex with Gordo.

She and Gordo hadn't even discussed having sex yet, but Lizzie felt completely ready. She thought that Gordo had been hinting at it in pretty subtle ways, and they had been together ever since their trip to Rome during the summer before ninth grade. They had been getting more physical. Sex was naturally the next step. But she needed Miranda's help.

When Miranda and her locker were in clear sight, she noticed that Gordo was at Miranda's locker too. She froze and tried to put on her best casual face and walked calmly the rest of the way.

"Hi guys!" Lizzie said, trying to be her normal self depsite the fact that her face felt hot. She greeted Gordo with a kiss, and then turned to Miranda. "What are you doing after school?"

"Not my homework. Why?" Miranda asked, looking at her suspiciously.

Gordo nudged Lizzie a little. "Why didn't you ask me?"

"Um, I..." Lizzie tried to think of something to say. "I... I need Miranda to go shopping with me. For school supplies."

Miranda exclaimed, "Oh!" at the same time Gordo asked, "School supplies, or school supplies?"

Lizzie turned to Gordo. "The kind of school supplies that you don't need, Gordo."

Her boyfriend laughed awkwardly and shifted on his feet. "In that case, I think that it's better that you didn't ask me. I'm going to go... film something. Call me when you're done?"

"Will do." Lizzie told him. Gordo gave her a goodbye kiss and then headed off in a different direction.

Miranda grabbed Lizzie's arm, which made Lizzie turn toward her best friend. She knew what was coming. "Details, now. What school supplies?"

Lizzie smiled awkwardly. "I want to do it with Gordo."

Miranda's jaw dropped. "Define 'it' now!"

"The big it." Lizzie told her, feeling even more awkward. She liked being able to talk to a girl best friend about this stuff, but sometimes it was difficult because Miranda got over enthusiastic about everything. For example, when Lizzie and Gordo had gotten together back when they were fourteen, Miranda came back from a vacation in Mexico and freaked out. She had treated them differently for awhile, but then everything had gotten back to normal eventually.

"So you need stuff for... it." Miranda said, a little more calmly this time.

Lizzie explained that she needed to buy condoms and maybe something from Victoria's Secret that made her feel hot. Gordo always told her she was pretty, but he never called her sexy or hot. Lizzie wanted to change that.

o O o O o O o O o

The good thing about being sixteen was being able to go to the mall without parents driving and asking questions. After they left school, Lizzie and Miranda headed right to the mall, with Miranda driving, to get the things Lizzie would need to have a good night with Gordo.

As they walked into the mall, Miranda said, "Let's make a list. Condoms, a hot little number, romantic candles-"

"Candles?!" exclaimed Lizzie, confused. She hadn't even thought about that. Were candles that important?

"It's in all the movies and TV shows." Miranda assured her. "It's, like, mood lighting." Before Lizzie could say anything in response, Miranda dragged her to the candle store. When they entered the shop, Lizzie was overwhelmed by the selection. There were short candles, tall candles, skinny candles, fat candles, round candles, square candles, spotted candles, and so many more. How was she supposed to pick?

"Which ones should I get?"

Miranda stared at the candles as well. "I don't know! I have no experience with this. Red ones?"

They eventually decided on red votives. After buying them, and some holders for them, they headed to the pharmacy to buy condoms. Again, there was a huge dilemma.

"What size should I get?" Lizzie asked, perplexed by the variety of condoms in front of her. There were so many different kinds, and she wanted to get the perfect ones. She'd never seen Gordo naked (except for when they were little kids, but that didn't count), so she wasn't sure about the size. "Why are there all these flavors and textures? Why can't there be a simple, one size fits all one?!"

Miranda examined the selection. "What's his shoe size?"

"Why would you- Oh!" Lizzie said. "I, uh, um..."

Miranda sighed, grabbed a small box, and handed it to Lizzie. "Here. Now we don't have to discuss Gordo's size anymore. Let's go pay before anyone sees us."

They paid quickly and then stuffed the bag inside the bag from the candle store. It would be easy to explain buying candles if they ran into someone they knew, but buying condoms was a whole different story. What if they ran into someone like Larry Tudegeman, for example? He wasn't exactly quiet about these things. Over the past few years, he had gone from school nerd, into Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons, to their school paper's leading gossip columnist. How that had happened, Lizzie didn't exactly know, but she was extra careful not to say anything important around Tudgeman now.

Their last stop was Victoria's Secret. As they entered the store, Miranda suggested something red, so that it would go with the red candles. They eventually settled on a silky short dress that was pretty much see through. At the desk, there were scented soaps and shampoos and Lizzie decided to get a soap and shampoo set that smelled like strawberries. Gordo liked that smell on her, she was pretty sure.

As they grabbed the bag from the sales lady after paying, Lizzie heard a familiar voice. "Lizzie. Miranda."

Not as prepared for the worst as she should have been, Lizzie turned around. There stood Kate Saunders in all of her popular glory, holding about a dozen shopping bags.

"Oh, hi Kate." Lizzie said.

"Hi, Kate." Miranda echoed, with a little less enthusiasm.

"So, what did you guys buy?" Kate asked with a slightly mischevious smile. Kate wasn't as mean to them as she had been in junior high, mostly because of the trip to Rome. Kate and Lizzie had been roommates, and everyone had seen that Lizzie and Kate didn't completely dislike each other. There was no use hiding it. They didn't hang out, but they didn't hate each other.

"Just pajamas." Lizzie fibbed. Now was as good a time as any to lie.

"Red silk ones?" Kate asked, slightly peering into the bag.

"Yes. Red silk ones." Lizzie replied. "Sorry, Kate, but we have to go. Miranda and I have our homework."

Before Kate could get another word in, Lizzie grabbed Miranda's arm and they walked as fast as they could out of the store and all the way out of the mall.

At home, Lizzie and Miranda planned out how it would go. It would be the next night, and Lizzie would make herself look sexy in advance, and light candles. Lizzie had music that Gordo would like. She had made a "sexy jazz mix" and would play that softly in the background. When she talked to Matt, he confirmed that he would be out with his friends the majority of the night.

Which gave Lizzie plenty of time to make it perfect.



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